Sunday, November 28, 2010

Successful Debut at The Crafty Art Market

Tired but happy. I would like to thank the organizers for such an eventful day yesterday, I would say it was such a success! Hope there will be more!

And an applause for Michelle from KinderSoaps for making this happen!

Thank You to all who came family, friends and new friends that I made that day. You guys rock!

As for my partner in crime, Tini from SnazzynSuch it was great having you beside me.
I had so much fun with you girl! We will definitely do this again together!

Pictures of the day!

5*Petal Flower 1st debut 

Pretty|Simple Handmade Craft Creations

From the side ~ Totes looks awesome!

Sharing booth with SnazzynSuch

 Look who came over to my booth ~ Liyana from Estrella

If you were not there you have missed on on seeing other crafters like

Folk Tale Studio
Fong's Studio
YeePii's Closert
and More

Maybe the next round?


  1. You're selling totes too - am looking for someone to make bags for my quilts. But then, who doesn't love bags?

  2. yup... love making them :) oooo bags for quilts that be handy...